The End of the World in Craft

Doomsday Special Rocket2It was 9.30pm as we started to gather at the meeting point in the Sandbox. A big silver ticket machine and a coloured box stood ready for those arriving. We were invited to take a ticket and a spacesuit out of the box and we sat and waited until our transport arrived.

Doomsday StartFirst Officer Tao appeared and informed us that a Landmark had been placed in our tickets so that we could beam aboard the rocket. A comfortable rocket indeed with roomy seats and a film for us to watch during our journey. At the speed of light it took only 11 minutes to arrive in Doomsday.

Doomsday, inside rocketDoomsday is a place full of pyramids, surrounded by water and the black starry dome of night. At the top of the biggest pyramid was a large thone where I was told here would be a fortune-teller. On the grassy plaza in the centre there was a board game which some people were playing. It involved riding geese and throwing enormous dice. So this is how people spend the last day of their existence?

Snapshot doomsday_001

Just as the goose game was reaching its peak, we saw the first warning sign on the console. What did it say? The earth was going to crash? Or was it that a big meteorite was about to hit us? At first I paid no attention to it because I thought someone was playing a joke. But the signs were now coming thick and fast and suddenly First Officer Tao jumped off her goose and screamed we had to leave the planet immediately. She ran up the stairs of the big pyramid and pushed aside the throne. Behind it was a secret passageway to our salvation apparently.

The gate to the passageway shone and spat particles in all directions but the first of us who tried to use the escape route were thrown back violently. Officer Tao ran through the sparks and said she would be back for us. Communications were still possible and we heard from Captain Licu who told us that all was being done to ensure that we could leave the planet. Tosha and Settima resigned themselves to die on the Maya Island of Doomsday but the captain reassured them over the intercom that it would only be a few minutes now. Dade and Sheri, who had been playing the goose game continued to try to force their way into the passage but to no avail.

Suddenly First Officer Tao appeared back through the gate bringing the news that the passage had been opened. The faint silhouette of Captain Licu appeared briefly at the gate and said „go! go! go!“ so we entered, single file after each of our names was being called. „Minethere .. go!“, „Lumiere .. go!“, „Dade .. go!“.

One by one, we entered the escape pod and took our seats. Dramatic music from the Planet Suite was heard in the background and the blinds of the pod were raised to reveal that we were travelling at the speed of light. The soothing voice of Captain Licu told us that he was looking for a new planet for us and we should stay calm.

After sometime, the pod came to a halt and we were asked to leave. Single file we left the pod and single file we arrived in a kind of freefloat amongst the stars and planets of our solar system. In the distance we could see the rocket still firing up. No turning back now, here we were in the middle of the universe. We could not move forwards or backwards more than a few metres and the Captain scolded that we should all stay together and keep calm.

Doomsday2Suddenly, as if the floor had been taken away from us, we started to fall. We fell for an age it seemed, right through the sky. But it was a soft landing, directly onto a green meadow, covered in small shiny buds. At first we could not see much but eventually, our eyes became accustomed to the light and we saw the crashed rocket in the distance and that we were standing on a tiny island in the middle of a raging red sea. The island was sweet and fresh and I heard someone say that it could be a place where we could rebuild our lives.

Doomsday3In the distance we could hear – what was it? Disco music? Yes! It was coming from a large flying saucer hovering over the red sea and connected to our new island by a rainbow. Gingerly we walked over the rainbow and dropped into the saucer to find it was a disco which someone else had left there long ago. It did not take long for us to dust off and put the turntable on and then we celebrated the survival of mankind.


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