Hydra – The Welcome Sim

Now you have personalised your avatar the best thing to do is to go back to Hydra and have a look at what you can see there.

Stand in the middle of the dome and have a look around you. On the floor next to one wall are some presents which someone left for you to open. They are just some extras which we thought might come in handy. Pressing the left mouse button onto one of these parcels sends a file straight to your inventory which contains the goodies.


                                                Teleport Boards

Turning round to the right you can see some teleporting boards. Teleporting, or TP as it is often abbreviated, is one of the wonders of virtual worlds. It enables you to transfer instantly to another region. The engines which run these boards are called scripts. We will talk a lot about scripts another time. The way to use such boards may differ from region to region. In Hydra when you click with your left mouse button on one of these boards you will see a message on your screen offering a teleport. If you check the chat history (sometimes you have to press a „history“ button, depending on your viewer) you will see an address which is underlined in the text. Pressing this underlined text will immediately send you to the desired region. All the boards inside the dome will send you to destinations within Craft-World.


                               Hyperporting Boards and Stargate

Just to the right of the TP boards is an exit along a short path. If you stand in the exit you can see some more boards to the left and a stargate on the right This is a different kind of transport and it will take you to other worlds outside of Craft. If you can imagine a lot of planets floating in an infinite space, that is like the universe (or Metaverse as we call it) that Craft belongs to. Each world in that space has a different owner, different rules and a different atmosphere. Some of these worlds have money some do not. Craft does not use money. Using these boards or the stargate you can travel to another world with your Craft avatar and inventory, look around or even collect some free items. This is called Hyperporting. You can return by pressing the „go home“ button on the map in your viewer. Of course it is necessary to set a home first. You can do this by finding the appropriate command in the menu at the top of your viewer. It is most probably in a menu point called „World“. Look for „set home to here“ and press enter. Now you are set for your first adventures in foreign lands. If you get lost or can not find your way home, do not worry, just log off and log back into Craft-World again.

Getting help:

                                        The Help Board

Turning further to your right you will see a further exit which has a longer path and a kind of orange gazebo at the end. If you walk along to the bar at the end of the path, you will see on your right a panel which shows a row of photos. These are residents of Craft who are there to help you if you have any questions. If there is a green light under the photo, that person is in-world. A right click on a green light should open up a window which will enable you to leave a message to that person. Look for me, Tao Quan, on the second photo from the left. If there is noone online, please send your message or question to me.


Walking back to the dome you will see some teleporting boards to regions which have free content, furniture or clothes for example. If you left mouse click on one of those you will receive a landmark which will go straight into your inventory. Landmarks are instant teleports directly out of your inventory. Now you can use your „recent items“ button  on your inventory and there you will find what looks like a drawing pin. This is your landmark.

That is the end of the tour of Hydra. Keep an eye open for new things there. It is the place that we advertise coming events and other news.

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