Agra – The German Wine-growing Village

                                       Open air cafe on the bridge

On arrival in Agra you find yourself on the steps of the bridge over the river. Walking up the steps you will see an open air cafe and dance area to the left and a large plaza on the other side of the bridge.

In front of you is a pathway. The big building on the right is the old Town Hall of Monsheim, Rheinland-Pfalz, real life home town of Tao Quan.

                   Ramon’s garden and Monsheim town hall

On the left is a very special place. It is dedicated to a dear old friend Ramon123 Babenco whom we lost (real life) a few years ago. He was a poet, well known on Secondlife having published several poetry books there and special friend to Licu and myself. The picture in stone represents our last evening talking together as a group in front of a campfire. You can see some of his books around the square. Unfortunately they are only in Italian. It is high time we had them translated for the English speakers amongst us. By the way, „vietato lavorare“ means „working is forbidden“, one of his favourite sayings.

Looking up and down the street you will see various typically Rheinland-style houses and wine-makers, a restaurant and opposite is a stable where you can dance, eat or just enjoy the horses. If you can open the doors to the buildings, you are welcome to look around.

                                       Inside the stable

Turning right onto the main road you will arrive at the plaza on your right. There is a stargate and some instructions for beginners.  Here you will find a musical tree. You just press your mouse button onto the tree and you should receive a drop-down menu asking you to choose your preferred style of music

                                                    Musical Tree

To the left of the plaza is the Luna Park, designed and built by Vicus Serenity. It is a fairground and has some interesting rides and things to look at.

Turning back and crossing over the road, you will see a path which takes you to the skating rink. You can take some ice skates for free there. These include some skating animations so you can have fun showing your ability on the blades. You might also have time for a pizza or fresh bread while you are there.

Finally, it is worth walking back to the bridge in front of the town hall. There are benches at either side of the path with a selection of freebies of all kinds. Beyond that is a small campsite and some nice walks along the riverside. Plenty of things to do in this sim.

                                        Freebies on the bridge

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