Aqua – The Cruise Ship

If you teleport to Aqua you will land on the ships quay.

                                    Teleport Centre on the Quayside

There is a gangway leading onto the ship and a teleport centre next to the entrance. One glance at the teleport centre gives you an idea of all the things you can see in this ship. It is very, very big so you had better be prepared for a day trip and take some sandwiches with you.


As you enter the ship to the left,  looking down you can see a big spider’s web. That is the ceiling to the jungle disco which we will visit later. Immediately on the left of the  entrance is an elevator with an amusing animation which will take you to all decks. If we pass that we find ourselves walking towards the casino with its roulette tables and one-armed bandits. Since we don’t have money on Craft, these are not working models but there is a realistic feel to the room, as indeed there is throughout the ship.


                                          Ship’s Theatre

Beyond the Casino is the entrance to the Theatre. The big silver doors open onto a majestic stage and rowed seating. If you walk left to the end of the seating there is a cloakroom which is served by a lady called Ellen. At the other end is a small bar for the thirsty guests who can’t wait until the end of the performance. Coming out of those big doors you can see a short corridor with four second-class cabins. I say second class, but I would quite like one of those for a cruise.

Jungle Disco

                                               Jungle Disco

Directly ahead is the Jungle Disco. It is full with hanging leanders and animals. Everywhere there are small corners to discover with individual features such as bars or seating areas, also an elevator. For now we will continue walking through and out the other side. There are six more second-class cabins, all comfortably furnished.

Wellness Centre

                            Entrance to Wellness Centre

The aqua coloured dolphin doors in front of you signal that you are entering the Wellness area of the ship. This is my personal favourite. Steaming blue water and rock formations with running water will greet you here. There are relaxing loungers and fresh towels. You can even have a glass of champagne while dipping your feet in the water. Beyond the pool is the real business! More aqua-coloured doors take you into an area with a changing room, massage animations and relaxing beds. On the far side is the entrance to the hamam with its steam slabs, footbaths and showers. Plenty of animations here too.

                                                    The Hamam

Main Deck

                                                  The Main Deck

A teleport disk at the door will take you to the main deck. There is a selection of freebie shops here and a cafe in copper and mahogony look. The shops are being renovated at the moment and there are some shops available rent-free for freebie goods. At one end of the main deck is the open air deck with views over the neighbouring towns of Victoria and Riverford.

First Class Cabins

                                       The Tropical Cabin

If you walk up the central stairs from the open air deck you will arrive at the 8 first class cabins. These are very spacious and each one is individually designed on a special theme, such as Chinese, Egyptian or Tropical. You can book one of these rooms to spend a holiday free of charge! Just contact Tao Quan or Licu Rau.  At the end of the corridor is the entrance to the Thai restaurant which has a magnificent buffet and the ambience is definitely Asian. There are wonderful views out on to the sea at the front of the ship.

Swimming Pool / Honeymoon Suite and Chapel

The Swimming Pool

Walking back along the hall with the first class cabins you will see elevators at the half-way point and a spiral staircase. Take the elevator to deck 5 and you will arrive at the open air pool. There are some things to do there like sunbathing or diving off the boards but did you notice down some steps is a gold-coloured fancy curtain? Behind that is the honeymoon suite.

                                   Reception of Honeymoon Suite

The honeymoon suite comprises of a reception room, sultry bedroom, golden leaf bathroom, fitness room and extensive terrace with lovers‘ seat and jaccuzi. The fitness room is fun because you can use some of the fitness equipment. At the entrance there is a teleport function to the chapel above. It is the perfect place if you are looking to tie the knot.

                                        Wedding Chapel

That concludes this little tour of the Black Angel ship. There is more. The best thing is to visit it for yourselves, or better still book a holiday. If you would like a long stay cabin for setting up a floating home, they are for rent too. Quite a luxurious place for only 5 Euros a month.

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