Aquarium – The Underwater Seaworld

                                                  Beach Bar

When you arrive on the soft sands of Aquarium, it looks like a small private resort in the Caribean with its palm trees and grass covered open huts. A Scottish flag betrays the ownership of the island.  It is what remains from the days when Tao was washed up on the beach with nothing but a toothbrush. There is a campfire with places to sit further down the beach and a badminton court behind the huts.

There is a sweet little quayside in blue wood with torches and little boats and the sign points the way down into the water where the aquarium is.

                                  Entrance to the Aquarium

A long spiralling staircase takes you down to the seabed. Ahead you can see the entrance to the aquarium signalled by a neon light. It is a series of glass domes joined by glass tunnels which enable you to see all the richness of the underwater world.

A bright fiery torch adorns the centre of each dome and there are some seats to watch the sealife in quiet harmony with the elements. Watch giant squid, octypus and oysters swaying in the current and enjoy the natural bubbles produced by the lifeforms on the seabed as they make their way to the surface.

                                   Aquarium teeming with life

At the end of the dome walk you could go straight up the stairs to the surface, or you can talk a walk through the caverns under the rocks. There are a lot of them but one of them is particularly big and if you are lucky you can find your way to the secret passageway back to the beach. Just as a hint, there are torches showing the way.

                                    Secret exit out of the aquarium

There is also a very secluded beach area behind the rocks with a small beach bar and picnic basket .

                                               Secluded Beach

In the distance you can see the hub of life in the city of Barcelona on the region of White Light but here on Aquarium you could be a million miles away. Lie back and dream!

           Descent to the aquarium and Barcelona in the background

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