Uptown – The Roleplay Freebie Region

We thought that if there is one thing that Craft needs, it is a freebie region which is dedicated to roleplay. This region is one of the true cooperative efforts of Craft citizens. All who wanted to contribute in the building and stocking up of Uptown were involved in the making of this freebie place. Each section is represented by an element – earth, wind, fire, water – and in some places you can see the artwork representing some of these elements which was especially commissioned by Craft for this region.

The first thing you notice when you arrive in Uptown is that you are standing on a blue fantasy island in the centre of the region. 8 bridges stretch away from the centre in all directions of the compass. Each bridge takes you to a different roleplay genre to avoid confusion. You can see a flag at the entrance to each of these bridges which explains what you can find at the end of it. On the island itself is a strange-looking  container which is actually a lift which takes you up to the UFO in the clouds above you. More of that in a moment.

Neko Island:

How about taking a stroll with me? I think we can choose the one marked  Neko Island. Lets go!

                                           Neko Island

You can see straight away that this is actually a Neko playground. There are swings and an assortment of toys to climb and play on. If you look closer, you can see that the toys are actually available to copy or buy for 0$, plus there is an aray of animal avatars ready for you to take.

Infernal Dungeon:

Right next door to the Neko Island is the Infernal Dungeon.

                                        Infernal Dungeon

This is the creepy end of the region. It is not difficult to see that this is based on the element „fire“.   All that you need to play dark roles on Craft is to be found here. But in addition, there are some exquisitely designed clothes for men and women with or without fangs.

Temple of Eternity:

                                           Temple of Eternity

Ah yes, here is my personal favourite, not because of the Asian freebies within but because of the garden of peace at the entrance. This is a place where you can sit by the water or immerse yourself in the tai chi animation on the path. The freebies are not bad either.

Magic Temple:

                                           Magic Temple

One look at this tells you that it is based on a Greek temple with its large pillared entrance opening up into a courtyard filled with goodies. Here you will see the first of the commissioned artworks representing „air“, crafted by the French artist, Artistide Despres. Period costumes are the subject here and there is something for every taste. There is even a scripted ex-calibur if anyone needs one.

The Market Place:

                                              Market Place

Next up is the market place where you can get just about anything your heart desires: houses, furniture, hair, skins, shapes and textures. A lot of the things are not marked, so you need to have a good look around.

Mysterious Lagoon:

                                           Mysterious Lagoon

You need to walk through the waterfall to reach this one. You walk through a small glen and eventually you reach the lagoon with its galleon ship and wooden chalet packed with seamans and fairy freebies. Here there is another wonderful sculpture from Artistide representing water.

Wild West:

                                                 Wild West

It is not difficult to guess the theme of this section. Here you can get horses, saddles and western clothes.

Enchanted Forest:

                                             Enchanted Forest

Elves, Fairies, Fawns and Gnomes, a waterfall, a dinausaur, a stone circle and a magic tree dripping with freebies. The enchanted forest lives up to its name. This is the element earth when the world was still young and strange creatures ruled the forests.



Ah yes, there is that UFO. Let us go back to the island in the centre and take the lift onto the strange creation above us. If you are into robots and machine-men, this is for you.

Well that concludes the trip around the region of Uptown. As in many places around Craft-World, this is a work in progress, so we are constantly striving to add to our collection of freebies. If you would like to contribute, please contact either Licu Rau or myself. Thank you.

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