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                                  Hydra, the welcome region

Hello, my name is Tao Quan. I am co-founder of Craft along with my pal Licu Rau. I thought this may be a good place to put into writing all you need to know about Craft. Of course, Rome wasn’t built in a day, so I will add to this blog as often as I can.

I am a Brit (living in Germany) and Licu is Sardinian (better not to call him Italian), so that covers the English, German and Italian speaking population of Craft. You can try us with Spanish and French, although we cannot guarantee the results.

Hydra – the Welcome Region:

Normally, you will enter Craft for the first time in a region called Hydra. You could call it our main train station. The first time you enter, take your time, everything needs to build up for the first time. After that it will be quicker. When everything is there, you will find yourself in a dome-like structure on an island. There are four exits out of the dome but before you start to explore the world, you need to explore yourself. You may be using one of a variety of viewers and each has its pros and cons, strengths and weaknesses. We can talk about those another time.


One of the buttons on your inventory should be called „Inventory“. This is where all your personal possessions will be stored. It is divided into three parts. The first part (called „all items“ is your complete inventory. You will find your first set of clothes there (the ones you are wearing), a skin, a shape, hair and a translator. Since everyone arrives at Craft looking the same, you will want to personalise your appearance. I will come to that in a moment. The second part of your inventory is called „recent items“. Anything that you take into your inventory in one session is recorded on there so that you can find it quicker. The third part is the section which shows what you are currently wearing. This includes your skin, shape, hair, clothes and translator if you have it switched on.

There are two kinds of articles which you can wear. One is „stuck to you“ and the other is an attachment. For example, your shape and skin and basic clothes are „stuck to you“. Your hair and probably your shoes are attachments. Any attachments you can remove from your avatar but your skin, shape etc can only be replaced by something else, not removed completely.

First Steps:

Its time to take our first steps. You can do that by using the arrow keys for forwards, backwards, left and right. One thing that I really enjoyed when first entering virtual worlds was the ability to fly. You will probably find a button on your screen for that too. Using the left or right arrow on your keyboard take a look around the dome. There are some boards advertising local events or explaining how to buy land if you wish to later on. On one wall is a lot of pictures. Those are used to transport you very quickly to various parts of Craft. We can look at those later. Turning further you will see a signpost for Craft Store. This is our main shop for personalising your avatar. You can walk over the bridge into the shop or if you prefer you can try to use your „fly“ button.

Freebie Shop – Craft Store:

                                  Craft Freebie Store

Standing at the door of the shop, the female clothes are to the left and male clothes to the right. Take your time until the viewer has registered all the new scenery then take a look around. The first thing you need to know is that there is no money on Craft, so all you see is free. No need to fill your inventory all at once, just look around and choose the things you think you would like. Point your curser to something you like and press the left button. You should receive the option to „buy contents“. In Craft this means „buy for free“. So you can buy things in this store without any fears.

                                     buy contents

Once you have bought something it arrives in your inventory. It is visible in your normal inventory view: in „all items“ and in „recent items“. If you double click on your new purchase, it should automatically attach itself to your avatar.

Further help:

You will probably have a lot of questions.  Feel free to ask anyone, we are a friendly bunch of people and just remember, you cannot permanently damage anything so don’t be afraid to experiment and to travel around. You can see in the map all the regions on Craft. A double click on any of these should take you to the place you clicked. Should you suddenly lose contact with the world (we call it crashing) just log back in and you will be fine.

Licu and I hope you enjoy your visit to Craft and make a lot of new friends.

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